Warrior Covert QR5 50 Stick

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The Warrior Covert QR5 50 Stick is perfect for the new-to-hockey or recreational player looking for a  high-end quick shot release at an affordable price. Warrior even used the same Edge Shaft Taper found on the top-end QR5 Pro stick, which delivers an effortless and accurate shot time and time again. 

With the combination of Minimus carbon fiber and the R.L.C. 111 construction process, The QR5 50 can withstand a beating without compromising weight or feel. It also has a tacky grip finish that makes for a comfortable and secure hold. 

R.L.C. 111 Construction
A revolutionary featherlight process that utilizes high-grade carbon, lightweight fiber technology and epoxy resin for ultimate balance, responsiveness and durability.
Edge Taper
A unique, angular hosel magnifies the already lightning-quick shot release with extra velocity and accuracy.