Bauer Supreme GS Shoulder Pads

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The Bauer Supreme GS Shoulder Pads are a limited edition sci-fi green camo with 3D molded gold chrome hits that will have you playing just as good as "Master Chief". Plus, they bring great value for the hockey player who wants maximum protection and coverage with inhibited mobility. Bauer used their AMP construction in the shoulder cap that gives players a fantastic range of motion for stickhandling, shooting and passing while ensuring protection always covers the body. Adaptiv Skin, an elite-level protection addition, floats above the sternum to increase protection against impacts while being able to conform to the shape of your body. For that player who likes to get into those dirty areas, the GS Shoulder Pads offer tons of torso coverage with molded high-density foam extending around the ribs to guard against nasty cross-checks. It's layered on top of a perforated foam base for enhanced breathability to keep you cool. Finally, Bauer's Thermo Max liner gives players quick moisture-wicking performance during the game and speedy drying time after use!


Adaptiv Skin
Providing the highest level of protection against slashes and impact energy while conforming to the shape of your body for a low profile and ultimate mobility.
Thermo Max
Unlike traditional brushed microfibers, this soft and comfortable liner does a much better job of wicking away sweat and moisture during the game. It keeps working afterward too by helping reduce drying time.
Active Motion Protection is designed to give players unrestricted mobility without sacrificing any gaps in protection.
Sternum | Adaptiv Skin, Standard Foam
Front Panel | Standard Foam
Belly Guard | Standard Foam, Removable
Spine Guard | Molded High-Density Foam, Perforated Foam Base
Rear Panel | Molded High-Density Foam, Perforated Foam
Shoulder Caps | AMP, Molded Plastic, Standard Foam
Bicep Guards | Molded Plastic, Standard Foam
Collarbone | Standard Foam, Plastic Inserts
Front Panel | 1-Piece, Floating Sternum
Rear Panel | 1-Piece
Biceps | Length Adjustable
Liner | Thermo Max
Torso | 2" Elastic Nylon