Playlife Sugar Junior Roller Skate- Jnr 12- 5

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Playlife Sugar Junior Roller Skates have been designed so the youngest of kids who want to roller skate can do exactly that. All they need to do is strap their shoes into this roller skate and have a go. Moreover, this rollerskate is size adjustable to fit right and lock in securely to match the junior skater's size.

Powerslide created this roller skate by using original designs from when roller skating first began. They feature modern components from the retro age of roller skating. The Playlife sugar rollerskate is a beginner quad skate created to bring children back into the roller skating world. Even though these junior roller skates look like the original style from the very early 60's they have a major difference, these skates actually roll very well.

The components incorporated in this rollerskate are manufactured using high quality materials . The Urethane is high quality grade formula made to give the skater a smooth and comfortable skate. So the vibrations caused by uneven surfaces are reduced. Additionally, Playlife Sugar junior skates can be adjusted from a Uk infant size 9 up to a UK size 4 or in EU size 28 right up to a 37. Start your kids young and grab a set of these today!


  • Boot/shell: Vinyl boot to step in with regular shoe
  • Frame: steel emboss
  • Wheels: PU, 54x38mm 82A wheels
  • Bearings: ABEC 5 bearings
  • Toestop : Fixed