Motion Point Ankle Cuff

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360° gel wrap ankle support: lace bite protection

Designed to protect the ankle mechanics to keep you skating.

STABILITY is sustained and uncompromised in and around the ankle joint.

ANATOMICALLY CONTOURED to ensure a perfect individualised fit.

THICKNESS to prevent and reduce friction and pain.

GEL DENSITY improves player to skate power transfer, increasing blade to ice responsiveness.


  1. FLEXIBLE DESIGN For extreme comfort with no restriction on the ankles range of motion.
  2. FOUR WAY MESH KNIT Provides anatomical contouring to fit the individualised ankle.
  3. MEDICAL MINERAL OIL GEL Provides optimal cushioning and high absorption for shock, vibration, pressure, friction and shear forces.
  4. REDUCED BULK Ensures there is no volume overload within the skate.