Mondor Leg Warmer 251 14"

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Designed to keep you warm, you can bear the heat in the Legwarmers 14” by Mondor.

    • Perfect accessory to warm up at the start of any dance class
    • Keeps the ankles and calf muscles warm to prevent injury
    • Hugs legs for a snug fit
    • Great for both kids and adults
    • Made in Canada

Size: 14”

Materials: Made of 82% Acrylic and 18% Nylon


Available Colours

Black 52
Light Tan 74
Suntan 82
Brown 87
Caramel KR


Regular Tights Sizes

 Junior 2-4 4-6 6-8 8-10 10-12 12-14
Height 90-110cm 94-121cm 109-133cm 121-145cm 133-154cm 142-158cm
Weight 12-20kg 18-25kg 23-30kg 27-34kg 32-38kg 36-45kg


 Adult S-P M L-G XL-XG XXL
Height 1.5-1.6m 1.55-1.7m 1.6-1.75m 1.65-1.8m 1.72-1.85m
Weight 43-52kg 52-61kg 61-70kg 68-77kg 75-102kg