EDEA Piano Ice Figure Skate - Boot Only

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Edea Support Index: 95
Performance: Triple/Quad Jumps

Figure skaters are always looking to push the boundaries; they want the latest technology to help them. EDEA's highly skilled technicians got feedback on what skaters wanted from boots, combined it with the latest research to create EDEA's revolutionary new boot - the Piano.

  • Technomicro Outer: The outer of Piano uses the latest in materials called Technomicro. A composite microfiber thinner than even silk. It is lighter, stronger and more water-resistant than leather and easier to clean as it is stain resistant.
  • H.A.R. Mesh: Edea use a specially treated H.A.R. (High Abrasion Resistant) mesh to add strength while keeping the boot lightweight. The single weave thread is more durable and keeps its integrity.
  • Thermoformable Support: The lightweight tri-layer construction is combined to give greater strength, better support and through superior elastic memory an unrivalled cushioning. It is also thermoformable which allows skilled technicians to instant custom fit your Piano boots.
  • Memory Foam: Memory foam’s high density properties gives the ultimate in comfort. It supports your foot allowing micro movements to give better control and feel. It holds its shape giving you the perfect fit every time.
  • Inner Air-Tech Lining: The inner lining of Piano is an Air-Tech mesh fabric. Using a single thread to create an inner chamber for air cooling and natural insulation. Its moisture resistant properties also improve hygiene.

Edea Anti-Shock increases stability on landing by absorbing and reducing impact vibrations. Ice chatter is absorbed making skating smoother and allowing the skater to transition more quickly. Anti-Shock uses two materials to reduce impacts and ice chatter. Noene is an ultra modern rubber that has a unique patented composition that disperses over half the kinetic energy absorbed by the body. PORON® is an open cell polyurethane offering exceptional anti-shock characteristics. Its slow return memory offers the best absorption to complement Noene dispersion. The combination makes Piano the most advanced skating boot in the world. Two layers of Noene® are included, one integrated in the inner sole and the other in the outer sole. A heel insert of Poron® which stretches across the arch further improves the feel by absorbing shocks.

Benefits of the Edea Anti-shock System include:

  • Minimized impact shock protecting you from potential injury
  • Absorbed ice chatter for smoother glide and a more solid base
  • Increased stability on landings for quicker transitions and jumps
  • Reduced strain on ankles, knees, hips and the back