EDEA Chorus Ice Figure Skate Black - Boot Only

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Edea Support Index: 75
Performance: Double Jumps

This model is designed for medium level athletes - figures, inline and freestyle skaters working double jumps, etc.

  • Leather Outer: Specially treated leather made to European standards (EN ISO 20345) makes Chorus waterproof, more hygienic and easier to clean.
  • Thermoformable Support: The lightweight tri-layer construction is stronger for better support. It gives better cushioning through a superior elastic memory. It is also thermoformable so skilled technicians can Instant Custom Fit your Chorus boots.
  • Memory Foam: High density memory foam gives greater comfort. You get more control and feel as the memory foam allows for micro movements while giving support. It maintains its shape to give you the perfect fit every time.
  • Microfibre Lining: SH microfiber is a combination of natural and synthetic fibers with the strength of leather but at one third of the weight. It is less prone to wear due to the close weave of the material.