CCM Tacks AS 550 Skate

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The CCM Tacks AS 550 Ice Hockey Skates are built for strength and power while being lightweight. This skate provides more direct energy transfer and a closer fit to support the most intense skating strides.

Starting with the boot, the Tacks AS 550 Skates utilize CCM’s 3D injected boot. This boot is an ergonomic boot-shaping system for great comfort and has a new texturised finish for improved durability. It will be a 115 stiffness which is a solid core for good skating performance.

On the front of the AS 550 skate is a felt tongue. This 5mm tongue will have added foam for comfort and protection.

The interior of the Tacks AS 550 Skates will have some comfort and durability-enhancing features. The HD microfiber liner is a high resistance moisture-wicking material that helps wick moisture away from the body, keeping them dry and light on their feet.

Moving to the bottom half of the Tacks AS 550 Skates, CCM utilizes their SpeedBlade holder and blade. This is a non-replaceable stainless-steel blade with elevated holder for an increased attack angle.

If you are a beginner level skater looking for a skate that gives good energy transfer and good comfort, look no further than the CCM Tacks AS 550 Ice Hockey Skates.


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