CCM Tacks 9550 Shin Guards

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The CCM Tacks 9550 Shin Guards offer reliable and functional protection that is ideal for recreational use.

Starting out with the kneecaps, CCM used their JDP moulded-PE knee cap. This high-level construction was designed to disperse the shock of direct impacts such as shots and stick checks away from the knee.

Moving down to the shin, the Tacks 9550 Shin Guards feature an anatomic-fitting PE shin cap providing players with high-level protection and durability.

On the calf area of the Tacks 9550 Shin Guards, CCM incorporated a compressed moulded foam with laminated fabrics, providing players with good protection and comfort.

Keeping everything secured is the upper lock strap and the wide elastic calf strap. This customisable adjustment allows players to choose how the Tacks 9550 Shin Guards fit and feel during gameplay.

On the interior of the Super Tacks 9550 Shin Guards is where you will find CCM’s removable liner with PE foam protection. This setup provides a snug, but comfortable, fit.

If you are a recreational-level player looking for comfort, protection, and customisability in your pads, look no further than the CCM Tacks 9550 Shin Guards!