CCM Ribcor 88K Intermediate Skate

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The CCM Ribcor 88K Ice Hockey Skates are a skate that is uniquely engineered to help maximise agility on the ice and give a perfect balance of comfort fit and performance.

Starting off with the quarter package, the Ribcor 88K Hockey Skates feature a composite quarter package using MetaFrame technology. This ergonomic boot shapes your foot better for a superior fit around your foot. This will help with forward flex and lateral stability, allowing players to get the most power and efficiency out of their strides. The RFM composite material gives the boot a variable stiffness profile of 150 offering a solid core for good skating performance.

New for this year on the Ribcor 88k Hockey Skates will be the ability to customise your tongue with the new XS tongue system. The replaceable dual layer tongue with 7mm felt and an asymmetrical flex point will better fit to your foot shape while offering advanced lace bite protection. And if you prefer a thinner or thicker tongue, the XS system allows for easy replacement of the tongue giving you a customisable fit out of the box.

Onto the interior, the Ribcor 88K Hockey Skates feature an HD microfiber liner. This high-performance moisture wicking material works to keep players as dry and comfortable as possible all game long. Going hand in hand with this liner is the ADPT memory foams. These symmetrical foams wrap snugly but comfortably around players feet, providing an anatomical type fit and comfort for all different foot shapes. The outsole will have Dual Injected Reinforced TPU with Exhaust system that will be a lightweight, stiff design that provides better energy transfer and wicks moisture out of the boot.

Moving to the lower half of the Ribcor 88K Hockey Skates is where you will find the SpeedBlade XS holder! On the back of each holder, players will find what is known as CCM’s BladeLock Technology. This is a positive-lock dial that tightly secures the blade to the holder and helps prevent the blade from loosening during gameplay. In turn, this design provides players with consistent and maximised energy transfer within each stride. For added comfort there is the CCM Ortholite footbed for increased support.