CCM Jetspeed FT485 Elbow Pads

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The CCM JetSpeed FT485 Elbow Pads are lightweight and have been optimised to provide a wide range of movement while featuring new tech to help keep you safer from impacts.

Moving right into the construction process, the CCM JetSpeed FT485 Elbow Pads use a hybrid 3-piece design. The new design has a floating bicep pad that helps increase mobility and natural movement with a light yet robust construction. The forearm is constructed of a moulded PE cap insert to offer high level protection while helping achieve a great range of movement.

The floating bicep pad was constructed with a PE insert. This will offer high-caliber coverage around the bicep area and gives a close to the body fit.

For the elbow cap, the JetSpeed FT485 Elbow Pads will have a moulded PE cap with JDP construction. The JDP cap is designed to disperse impact force away from the elbow joint and has increased protection with a reinforced EVA foam cover.

CCM also incorporated a newly designed three strap system on the JetSpeed FT485 Elbow Pads. This strapping features nylon and elastic straps that allow for a better customisable fit.

If you are a mid-level player looking for an elbow pad that keeps you safe from impacts while allowing for a customisable fit, look no further than the CCM JetSpeed FT485 Elbow Pads.