CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro Shoulder Pads

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CCM is using an all-new amplified mobility design with moulded Zotefoam, which provides maximum freedom of movement and mobility while keeping the player dry and light throughout the game. This design provides superior freedom of movement. This is paired up with ultra-light Ufoam constructed shoulder caps that provide solid protection in a lightweight package.

Moving down the arm to the biceps, CCM used high-density moulded foam with length adjustment for a custom fit on the arm. In the torso, CCM incorporated more of their premier vented Zotefoam protection, which follows suit with being the perfect balance of lightweight and protection. Also included is a removable belly pad which provides extra coverage if needed.

The JetSpeed FT4 Pro Shoulder Pads have a new hybrid shield sternum & spine protection with HDPE plastics for high caliber protection. Up at the top, there is floating clavicle coverage with HD moulded foams that will not weigh you down.

For the Liner of the JetSpeed FT4 Pro Shoulder Pads, CCM is going with a unique liner-free design that allows the closed cell Zotefoam to do its job by not absorbing sweat and weighing you down.

If you are an elite level player looking for a lightweight, but very protective and mobile shoulder pad, look no further than the CCM JetSpeed FT4 Pro Shoulder Pads.