Bauer Vapor Select Junior Skate

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The Bauer Vapor X Select Hockey Skates. This skate has been manufactured with exclusive upgrades from higher end models in the Vapor line. This skate is ideal for the competitive player looking for performance enhancing features, new technology, and instant comfort all at a low price.

Skate Fit Profile
The X Select will offer the traditional fitting style which fits a low volume and narrow foot profile. This skate comes in the size range 3-12 in D and EE widths.

Liner & Internal Padding
The Vapor X select also features the updated Microfiber liner that extends through the inner tongue to amplify the comfort level of the skate. The ankle padding consists of lightweight Memory Foam for optimal comfort and heel lock. The Microfiber liner absorbs moisture in the boot to keep it as dry as possible.

The Vapor X Select comes with the classic 40oz Felt Tongue with a Mesh Metatarsal gual on the face to provide comfort and protection against lace bite. The guard also gives the tongue a little more spring during your stride.

This skate comes with a Die Cut EVA material insole. This sole offers great comfort.

Steel Runner, Holder & Blade Profile
On the Vapor X Select you will be geared with Lightspeed 1 steel. This blade comes a step up from stainless steel offering better glide, a strong edge, and smooth finish.

The graphic on the X Select is similar to the X Velocity but with some subtle differences. The main part of the body you will notice a gradient black pattern with a silver stripe down the middle portion.

Junior Ice Hockey Skates

US Mens
Shoe Size

US Womens
Shoe Size

 Length in CM Skate Size
5.5 7 23.9 4.5
5 6.5 23.5 4
4.5 6 23.1 3.5
3.5 5 22.2 2.5
3 4.5 21.8 2
2.5 4 21.8 1.5
2 3.5 21 2
1.5 3 20.7 Y13.5
1 2.5 20.3 Y12.5