Bauer Vapor 3X Skate Senior

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The Bauer Vapor 3X Skate was designed for the hockey player looking for a high-performance skate for maximum agility without the high price tag. The all-new 3D Flex Composite boot isn't just significantly lighter than the previous generation, it has the added support and stiffness needed to win the next race to the puck. The new boot works with the internal memory foams to take heat molding to the next level for a custom-like, broken-in feel before ever hitting the ice. The top of the foot is well protected and comforted by the pro-stock 40oz felt tongue and their extended liner for an even better feel. Also helping out is the asymmetrical toe box that improves foot-to-ice connection and general fit by reducing unnecessary internal space. On just the junior models (1.0 - 3.5), Bauer incorporated their MotionFlex Technology and LS Balance runners for an even better skating experience. MotionFlex is the yellow portion just under the third eyelet from the top that allows the young players to properly flex the skate, resulting in better power and agility. The LS Balance runners come with a flatter 13' radius which promotes a confidence-boosting, stable feel on the ice compared to the traditional 10' counterparts.


Flex Composite Boot
Lightweight composite engineered for optimal fit, flex and long-term performance. The 3D-lasting process delivers an anatomically correct shape even before you bake them!
Asymmetrical Toe Cap
Through over 800,000 3D foot scans, Bauer created a more anatomically-fitting toe cap for a better foot-to-ice connection. The interior is also lined with felt for even more comfort compared to traditional toe caps.
Tuuk LightSpeed Edge Holder
Currently the most popular holder in the NHL, the quick-release trigger system allows players to swap out damaged for broken steel in seconds.. keeping you on the ice and off the bench!

Construction | 3D Lasted Two-Piece
Material | Flex Composite
Heatmoldable | Yes
Tongue | 40oz Pro Felt with Comfort Padding
Tendon Guard | Traditional
Facing | Traditional
Laces | Unwaxed
Midsole | TPR Plastic
Outsole | Digi Comp

Lining Material | Hydrophobic Grip
Abrasion Reinforcement | No
Collar Padding | Yes
Ankle Padding | Memory Foam
Footbed | FormFit+ Foam

Construction | LS+
Material | Mid-grade Steel
Finish | Standard
Height | 21mm
Radius | 10'

Construction | LightSpeed Edge
Release Mechanism | Trigger

Senior Ice Hockey Skates

US Mens
Shoe Size

US Womens
Shoe Size

 Length in CM Skate Size
12 13.5 28.9 10.5
11.5 13 28.5 10
11 12.5 28.1 9.5
10.5 12 27.7 9
10 11.5 27.2 8.5
9.5 11 26.8 8
9 10.5 26.4 7.5
8.5 10 26 7
7.5 9 25.1 6
6 8 24.7 5
6 7.5 24.3 4.5