Bauer Vapor 3X Pro Skate Senior

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The Bauer Vapor 3X Pro Skate brings elite agility, speed and fit to a more approachable price point than the HyperLite. The full Curv Composite boot is featherlight, ultra-responsive and one of the most heat moldable options on the market today. Paired with the one-piece Integrated Injected Lacing system and its increased lateral support, the 3X Pro is primed for east-to-west acceleration and agility better than any Vapor before it. Unlike years past, Bauer has started using a flexible Pro TPU outsole that helps to accentuate the quick and agile strides, starts, stops and turns. The more aggressive Agility boot shape and flexible 48oz Pro Tongue also assist in a better range of motion that is needed to maximize energy transfer. Internally, the Vapor 3X Pro boasts a HydroLite Liner and AeroFoam+ Padding for incredible out-of-the-box fit and feel. While the AeroFoam+ foam is extra comfortable, it also shapes incredibly well around the foot during the heat molding process for a custom-like fit. Lastly, the HydroLite Liner keeps the feet dry and the skate lightweight with its excellent moisture management properties.


Curv Composite Boot
Top-tier material composition that delivers some of the industry's best performance, durability and heat molding capabilities.
Asymmetrical Toe Cap
Through over 800,000 3D foot scans, Bauer created a more anatomically-fitting toe cap for a better foot-to-ice connection. The interior is also lined with felt for even more comfort compared to traditional toe caps.
Tuuk LightSpeed Edge Holder
Currently the most popular holder in the NHL, the quick-release trigger system allows players to swap out damaged for broken steel in seconds.. keeping you on the ice and off the bench!

Construction | 3D Lasted Two-Piece
Material | Curv Composite
Heatmoldable | Yes
Tongue | 48oz Pro Felt with Comfort Padding
Tendon Guard | Injected Plastic
Facing | Injected Plastic One-Piece
Laces | Unwaxed
Midsole | TPR Plastic
Outsole | Pro TPU

Lining Material | Hydrophobic Grip
Abrasion Reinforcement | No
Collar Padding | Yes
Ankle Padding | Memory Foam
Footbed | FormFit+ Foam

Construction | LS Pulse SS
Material | High-grade Steel
Finish | Standard
Height | 21mm
Radius | 10'

Construction | LightSpeed Edge
Release Mechanism | Trigger

Senior Ice Hockey Skates

US Mens
Shoe Size

US Womens
Shoe Size

 Length in CM Skate Size
12 13.5 28.9 10.5
11.5 13 28.5 10
11 12.5 28.1 9.5
10.5 12 27.7 9
10 11.5 27.2 8.5
9.5 11 26.8 8
9 10.5 26.4 7.5
8.5 10 26 7
7.5 9 25.1 6
6 8 24.7 5
6 7.5 24.3 4.5