Bauer Vapor 2X Team Stick

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The Bauer 2X Team hockey stick offers elite level low kick point features in a value package with many technologies passed down from higher price points. The XE taper technology reduces overall weight while dialing in release speed and improving shot stability. At 435 grams, this Vapor stick is incredibly light at this price point.

Stick Flex Profile
The Bauer 2X Team stick has a true low kick profile with XE Taper technology. The softened lower shaft loads and releases incredibly fast. Combined with the stiff Pure Shot blade profile this stick offers a dynamic quick release with massive pop.

Shaft Construction
The 2X Team uses Bauer’s HP mold that optimizes the blade shaft fusing process to achieve that true 1-piece feel and performance. One of Bauer’s most playable and consistent construction methods to date.

Micro Feel II shaft dimensions have double concave side walls and rounded corners for improved puck handling and control.