Bauer Supreme S180 Stick

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The Bauer Supreme S180 hockey stick comes into the next installment of Bauer’s Supreme series line as a stick ideal for the power player that loves to unload bombs. The S180 features a new flex profile called Maximum Power Kick or MPK for short. With a lower taper integration, an amplified catapult effect is created to allow the S180 to efficiently store and release energy. It works by making the taper stiffer with a new high strength fiber reinforcement, this stiffer lower portion of the shaft combined with a softer upper to the shaft is what pushes the kick point to be even higher which helps the stick to easily load-perfect for providing powerful slap shots and one-timers.

  • Ideal for the power player that unloads explosive one-timers and bombs the heavy slapshot
  • High Mid-Kick point - Maximum Power Kick (MPK) stiffer lower portion of shaft that pushes the kick point even higher
  • Premium 3K carbon composite shaft construction
  • Square, double concave shaft dimensions with tactile texture
  • Griptac or non-grip (clear)
  • Maximum Power Kick (MPK) - new taper geometry with lower taper initiation for max energy output with minimum effort
  • AERO Foam 3 blade core
  • Pure Shot Blade Profile - expanded throat design
  • BimaX 3K carbon composite
  • Matte finish