Bauer Nexus N2700 Stick

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The Bauer Nexus N2700 Stick boasts high-end performance, balance and weight without the expensive price tag. Similar to the ACL Technology in the 2N Pro, the Max-Balance Technology in the N2700's blade maintains the same level of durability as before but the significant weight reduction improves the balance point and speeds up its shot release.


 -Fused one-piece construction 
 Provides a superb level of durability, strength and stiffness in the lower hosel area
 -Offers a slightly more dampened feel than a true one-piece stick 
 -Unidirectional Carbon Fiber 
 Delivers a solid balance between responsiveness and durability 
 -R2 Resin System
 -Consistent resin flow provides a more efficient construction for a strong, lightweight product
 -Traditional - Rounded Corners and Slightly Concave Sidewalls
 Flex Profile:
 -Nexus Mid-Kick Point with Sweet Spot Technology
 -Ideal for players looking for a powerful, effortless release
 -Strategically re-engineered carbon fiber allows for easier loading and smoother energy transfer
 -Easy to Load Taper
 -A secondary taper is engineered along the top & bottom of the shaft
 Increases puck control and shot accuracy due to improved strength and torsional resistance