Bauer Vapor 3X Pro Stick

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The Bauer Vapor 3X Pro Stick offers elite players elite performance and durability at a more approachable price than the HyperLite. Weighing in at 410 grams (85 flex) with significant improvements in its quick-release and impact strength, the 3X Pro is a great pick if you are looking for lightweight, long-lasting performance. From a materials standpoint, Bauer upped their game with their HP Mold construction process and the full carbon fiber layup. This improves consistency and effectiveness, which means it can take more of a beating while releasing quicker than before too. The full TeXtreme carbon fiber blade wrap is another key upgrade since it too helps to remove weight while enhancing responsiveness. The Vapor 3X Pro now comes with a 5% quicker release than before, which was already deadly quick. This is courtesy of the XE Elliptical Taper that drastically sets Vapor apart from Supreme and Nexus with its aggressive, round shape. Meanwhile, the MaxBlade Blade technology gives the player excellent feedback during stick handling and catching passes while helping the puck release quicker with its stiff core.


TeXtreme Carbon Fiber Blade
Ultra high-performance material that is featherlight and incredibly strong too. This provides a better-balanced feel in the hands and increased responsiveness too!

XE Taper
Elliptical taper shape creates a quicker, more accurate shot release while simultaneously reducing weight too.

HP (High-Performance) Mold
Provides very similar performance and playability as a true one-piece stick but at a fraction of the cost.
Construction | HP Mold Two-Piece
Materials | Unidirectional Carbon Fiber
Grip Finish | Tacky Grip
Shaft Dimensions | Round Corners, Concave Sidewalls
Stick Lengths | 60" (87, 77, 70 flex)
57" (65, 55 flex)
Kick Point | Low Kick
Shot Profile | Quickest Shot Release
Shaft Taper | XE Elliptical Taper
Construction | Max Balance
Materials | TeXtreme Carbon Fiber
Face Texture | Standard