Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Girdle

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The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Ice Girdle offers elite-level protection, responsiveness, and mobility to help players excel their power. Another key advantage the 2S Pro is the adjustability that allows you to dial in the perfect fit for your body. Two big features are Curv Composite in the spine guard and Poron XRD in the tailbone protection. These two specs are some of Bauer's elite level protection that each has their own role in protecting you. Poron XRD is designed for heavy, high energy impacts like big collisions or falls to the ice while Curv Composite shields your spine from high-velocity impacts like wild stick checks or flying pucks. Hip protection utilizes all-foam construction, reducing weight while allowing players to still dish out massive hip checks when needed. Filling in all the gaps on the frontside is Bauer's Vent Armor Foam. One of the key benefits of Vent Armor besides its protective qualities, is its ability to allow air to flow in and out, ultimately keeping you cooler throughout the game.
  • Model Number: 1054973
  • Heritage: Supreme S190
  • Level of Play Guideline: Elite