Bauer 1S Elbow Pads

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Designed specifically for an anatomical fit, the S17 Supreme line from Bauer is engineered from the inside out, using specially placed material to provide the player with a comfortable, natural fit. With a closer fit profile, the Supreme allows maximum power out of every movement. On the Supreme 1S, the injected elbow cap is reinforced with Curv Composite and POWERLIGHT technology for pro-level protection. The forearm padding also uses a molded Curv Composite overtop of the HD foam padding, and the bicep guard features molded Vent Armor foam. FleXorb foam with XRD and G-FORM creates a comfortable, lightweight and highly protective elbow cradle that distributes and absorbs the force of the impact.

Complete with a 3-strap system, the Supreme 1S uses Anchor Strap and overlock strap technology to properly secure the elbow pad with a custom and comfortable fit. Inside the elbow pad, Bauers 37.5 Technology regulates body temperature and wicks moisture away from the skin. To top it all off, the 37.5 liner is equipped with Sanitized Odor Resistance Treatment, which provides a permanent defense against bacterial and fungal growth, helping to keep the stink away! Overall, Bauer did not mess around when creating these pads. They have developed some equipment that provides top notch protection while not hindering the players movement on the ice.