Derby Laces


SPARK by Derby Laces 7-9mm Metallic:  These laces are 7-9mm wide and are suitable for most all skates and shoes. They are made out of high quality polyester that has been braided for strength and durability. They have a metallic sheen to them that is truly remarkable. The metallic qualities of these laces cause them to create a slight friction in the lacing process giving them a lot of the positive features of the waxed laces. They stay tied and tight and where you want them, while being easier to unlace quickly. They are EXTREMELY LIGHT for anyone trying to shed all excess weight in the skates. They have a hardened plastic tape tip with the word SPARK on them.  For optimal performance, it is recommended that the SPARK laces be changed every 4-6 months, depending on use.

STYLE by Derby Laces 10mm Waxed:  These laces are a super high quality polyester lace made out of long strand, polyester fibers braided together to form a super tough skate lace. It then goes through a double waxing process where the lace is first saturated with high quality wax, and then a second process removes the excess wax. This makes our laces less “waxy” than a lot of competitors. It removes the candle effect where other laces are stiff and shed wax during use. These laces are really nice to touch, yet they perform extremely well and provide all the benefits of a waxed lace. People that traditionally hate waxed laces, typically find these to be really nice, and prefer them over the non waxed. They stay tied tight and where you want them. The tips are molded out of the lace material itself and can often be repaired by reheating. These laces are approximately 10mm wide at rest with the addition of a printed design.  For optimal performance, we recommend changing the laces every 6-9 months, depending on use.

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SPARK Aquamarine, SPARK Gold, SPARK Lilac Purple, SPARK Pink Cotton Candy, SPARK Purple, SPARK Purple and Teal Stripe, SPARK Rainbow Mirage, SPARK Red, SPARK Silver, SPARK Sour Cherry, SPARK Teal, STYLE Arctic Sunset Stripe, STYLE Pan Stripe, STYLE Rainbow Stripe


108" (274cm), 120" (305cm), 96" (244cm)